Da Real Underground Plug Of Dallas, RickyThaRapper, Known Around The Town For Rippin’ Tha Mic, Releases Highly Anticipated: “No Mix No Master”

“Do it for Ricky”, is the slogan… Team Playa is the brand and being a muti-tasking radio host, promoter and spitta is just what RickyThaRapper does. RickyThaRapper also has his own car detailing company: Start To Finish. Born in Dallas, Ricky turned his passion for rappin’ into performing rhymes on stage in 2013.

RickyThaRapper’s Love For Music And Cars Is On Full Display In “Picture My City” Visual.

RickyThaRapper recently joined the Villa Koola Radio crew in February of 2019. The now radio personality and long time underground figure, said when asked about what he enjoys more, being in the studio or netflixin’ and chillin’, he gave the correct answer: “Both!” …

RickyThaRapper Opened Up For The Don Trip And Lil Flip Show In Dallas.
Bird Man Is One Of RickyThaRapper’s Musical Inspirations.

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