Meet B. Right, The Future King Of The Underground Keakie spoke with the rising Texas rapper to learn more about him and his debut LP, ‘Name for Myself’.

If you find yourself lacking motivation or inspiration, just take a look at B. Right’s work ethic. The rapper out of Fort Worth, Texas is constantly chomping at the bit to get his name known.

B. Right’s work ethic is displayed by his consistent dedication to reaching his audience. Through Twitter @B_RightMusic and through his music, B. Right knows how to spread his word and his fans are proof of that.

When you listen to B. Right’s music, you hear someone who seems poised for a long and quality career. B. Right’s ‘Name for Myself’ LP is an establishment of his life stories and influences. On the album is production that might remind you of something like what a young Kanye West would make. Perhaps the influence of sound goes further back and pulls from groups like Digable Planets or A Tribe Called Quest to deliver groove-light and uplifting tracks like ‘My Story’ or ‘Good Vibe Theory’, yet B. Right always brings his own innovation.

Adding to what makes B. Right great, is that he certainly has a tight grasp on what modern music flies and also what it takes to be successful. He’s the CEO of his own label, ‘Music Influences the Soul Music Group’, and has been studying the game for several years now. When he was younger, he was a church choir singer which assisted him in crafting the excellent melodies he does today.

With a 17 song LP that totals near an hour long yet maintains consistent quality, we wondered how long it took B. Right to craft such a project… “7 months” he says, continuing “…life brought me all of the inspiration, (through) good and bad times” Referencing 2016, it was agreed that it was a tough year and still is showing it’s effects on us as people. For B. Right, he says “2016 really was a trail for me, and I’m actually still coming out of it.” We asked how the year had affected him and his sound and he said “the bad times really empowered songs like ‘Over Thinking’ and ‘Won’t Fail’.”

The video for B. Right’s song ‘Name for Myself’ is a casual look into the texas rapper’s life, and paints a picture of not only B. Right’s goals but also give a glimpse of his town, Fort Worth Texas. Fort Worth is near the city of Dallas and even shares scenes with Dallas in the video. Born nearby in Forest Hills Texas, B. Right definitely wants to represent his region as he looks to present his spin on a southern sound. B. Right also pulls influences from some of the best in the hip-hop game today, such as Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole

article via: @Keakie

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